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At the moment, biological terms might not have many hits, as we still need to tag pages, and your contribution by tagging will be a big help!


We use following terms for categorizing bioimage analysis tools.

  • Components
    • Implementation of an image processing / analysis algorithm
    • e.g. A single menu item in image processing software
    • e.g. A plugin / module / add-ons. For plugins that bundles multiple tools, each tool will be the component and the plugin as a whole cannot be a component. Please place the plugin as "Software / Library".
    • e.g. A class in image processing library.
  • Workflow
    • A series of image processing using several **components to start with image data as input and outputs either processed image or numerical values.
    • e.g. a script
    • e.g. a detailed step-by-step instruction.
  • Software / Library
    • A package of components.
  • Sample Data

    • In general, sample image data. It could be none-image if needed.
    • Uploaded image is strongly recommended to have details of the object in image, capture conditions e.g. microscope, objective, probe details, scale and so on.
    • Better be with explicit licensing condition.
  • Details on our current nomenclature is explained in here

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