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OMERO is a free, open source image management software. It is client-server based system which supports 5D images, including big images and high-content screening data. Data are stored on a server using relational database. They are accessed using 3 main clients, a desktop client, a web client and a command line tool. There are bindings from OMERO to other image analysis packages, like FLIMfit, OMERO.searcher. The data in OMERO are organized in groups. A user can be a member of one or more groups. This groups can be collaborative or private, there are 4 levels of permissions to access/edit/annotate/delete the data of other users.

The package is supported not only by community forums, but also by a dedicated team which helps users to solve their problems and deals with the bugs submitted via error submission system.

Strengths: Open source, scalable software, Supports diverse sets of imaging applications and domains (EM,LM, HCS, DigPath) Cross-platform, Java-based application, API support for Java, Python, C++, Django, On-line Forums, Automatic QA and upload of software errors Multi-dimensional images, Web access, Free Demo-server accounts

Limitations: Enterprise-scale software, so complex install, requires expertise, Actively developing API, Python scripts and functions still developing

GPL v2
Python, Java, C++
Windows, Linux, Mac
Target Audience(s): 
Biologist, Analyst, Facility manager, Developer
Interoperates with: 
ImageJ/Fiji, Bio-Formats, FLIMfit, OMERO.searcher, Matlab
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