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Pink is an generic image processing library with inclination towards morphology, discrete topology, skeletonization and image segmentation. Operators support 2D, 3D and 4D images where there exist algorithms for such extensions. There is no practical limitation about the image site. It is suitable for general image processing or as a preprocessing / postprocessing toolset for specific image processing problems.
There are several successfull applications of PINK in the fields of Biology, Material Sciences, Education and Image Processing Research.

Pink has lot of specific operators of skeletonization, skeleton filtering, morphological filtering, segmentation, noise reduction as well as a huge body of general preprocessing and postprocessing operators which are usefull for everyday tasks. It is connected with basic 2D and 3D visualization tools.
Pink has operators in the following areas: Interactive IP operators, Arithmetic IP operators, Format and type conversion, Mathematical morphology, Digital connectivity, Digital topology (binary),
Digital topology (grayscale), Orders topology, Geometrical operators, Graphic primitives, Histogram-based operators, Signal processing Statistics, Three-dimensional meshing, Visualization, Segmentation

CeCILL (GPL Compatible)
Python / C++ / C
Windows / Linux / Mac
Target Audience(s): 
Image Analysts, Developers, Students, Scientists with Image Processing Issues, Bioligists, Chemists, Engineers
Library, Python Module
Interoperates with: 
NumPy, OpenCV, Python - Imaging, scikit
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Laszlo Marak, Hugues Talbot, Michel Couprie