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A General purpose image processing toolkit written in C++ based on ITK, VTK, Qt, and Boost. Main features: algorithms for cell segmentation, cell tracing, cell tracking, and vessel tracing. Registration and mosaicing algorithms for large scale datasets. Visualization tools actively linked to inspect and edit results.
- Open-source, free, multi platform, code is highly parallelized, uses git for version control
- Large scale processing, also efficient visualization of such datasets.
- Active learning module for classification
- Most of the algorithms have been extended to handle 16-bit images, and 3D Images.
- Possibility to create complex pipelines thanks to it’s modular architecture
- Editing tools are designed to save the editing operation which can later be used to validate the algorithms performance
- Advance preprocessing algorithms like curvelets, tensor voting, and wrappers around ITK-algorithms
- Multiple viewers included to inspect results such as: Histograms, scatter plots, tables, kymograph, all of them linked together.
- Strong emphasis to work on multichannel images (up to 40 channels)
- Rich number of cell features included
- GUI is suboptimal compared to commercial packages.
- Tracking module requires an external library CPLEX.
- No support for brightfield images
- No native interoperability with other software packages
- More documentation needed / tutorial needed

GPLv2, and Apache 2.0
C++ / Standalone
Linux, Windows (32-64bits)
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Developers, Image Analysis, Biologist
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