Better relationship, software / functions / workflows

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A bit more work done for a better information flow.

  1. Added a schematic figure of information flow in Biii in the "Roadmap" page.

  2. Modified Function and Workflow fields.

    • "Required Software" needs complicated input, so I made a new field "Package/Library". The author now can select package/s and/or libraries ( and in workflow as well). "Required Software" will be hidden or deleted.

    • See for example Cell segmentation and measurements workflow page or 3D Objects Counter page.

    • "Edit" tab will show you multiple choice now available for packages and languages. The list appearing here are those from Software Package nodes and Language nodes (as I could not find "Language" for CellProfiler Pipeline, I created a node(page) for it).

    • With these choices, it becomes more clear that each function belongs to somewhere: stand alone, single function program does not need "landing page".
    • Problem: [Workflow table] cannot be sorted. Tischi, how did you do that?
  3. Added a new module Insert ( this will help you uploading images and insert them in body text.

  4. Reordered navigation, "Software Pacakges" pages is now hidden showing only its table.

  5. Removed Languages, Packages, Notes and Training from "Search" filtering at the top left.