Automated velocity mapping of migrating cell populations (AVeMap)

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Workflow Author: 

Maxime Deforet, Maria Carla Parrini, Laurence Petitjean, Marco Biondini, Axel Buguin, Jacques Camonis, Pascal Silberzan

Workflow Language: 
2D time series
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Requires Matlab Runtime Environment or Matlab.
Source code (m-files) are downloaded.

Software availability:
AVeMap was developed under MATLAB (MathWorks). It is available as an executable, multiplatform program, together with source codes and documentation at, and the source code is also available as Supplementary Software. For practical reasons, this executable version, which does not require MATLAB, runs on a single processor. For users who want to customize the software and/or need the power of parallel computing, an installation of MATLAB with its 'parallel' and 'image processing' toolboxes is needed. Note that, even with the executable version, the velocity fields are stored for further analysis. The add-on AVeMap+ uses these AVeMap-computed velocity fields to generate heat map tables. It is available with the same link.

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