Variational algorithms to remove stationary noise

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J. Fehrenbach, P. Weiss and C. Lorenzo,

Variational algorithms to remove stationary noise. Application to microscopy imaging.

This plugin allows to denoise images degraded with stationary noise. Stationary
noise can be seen as a generalization of the standard white noise. Typical
applications of this plugin are:
- Standard white noise denoising using a total variation and fidelity term
minimization. Figure 1 is an example of this application. Even though
total variation denoising is not the state of the art (regarding SNR im-
provement), it may be very valuable for further tasks such as image seg-
- Destriping (the problem that motivated us to develop these ideas). Figures
2, 3 and 4 are examples of this application.
- Deconvolution (even though most users won't be able to use this feature).
- Cartoon + texture decomposition which might be useful to compress im-
ages, analyse textures or simplify segmentation like tasks.