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Fluorescent beads in solution

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This time stack was acquired on a confocal microscope and shows free beads in water (then diffusing, but also some flow).

This is not a simulation, but some ground truth is available from the Stokes-Einstein equation allowing to compute the diffusion coefficient (free diffusion) from the beads diameter. This can be used for diffusion estimation such as temporal image correlation spectroscopy (TICS), testing spot detection and tracking algorithm, or beads diameter estimation from deconvolution or segmentation.

  • image acquisition frequency: 90ms
  • approximated PSF 0.3 Pixel
  • Pixel Size 0.129 um
  • Beads diameter:100 nm

    Stokes-Einstein for spherical particles (here beads gives D= kB T/(6* pi eta R) where:

parameter value
kB 1,381 (Boltzmann's constant) 10-23 J.K-1
T 293 K (absolute temperature)
R 100 nm (spherical particle diameter)
eta 0,001003 Pa.s (viscosity of water for this T

The theoretical diffusion is then : Dth = 2.15 um2.s-1

Data can be accessed and downloaded in ome tiff format by logging on the url link as biii, password Biii!Tag1, and searching for guid:10800.

Some tracks results (not ground truth) are also attached to the data in the attachment panel.

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beads in vitro
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Fran├žois Waharte
Single molecule
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X:348 Y:260 T:100 C:1 Z:1