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A commercial software traditionally used in Industry and Engineering/Science to enable fast software development and deployment of a very broad range of devices control. Labview enables graphically oriented programming (no text-based coding) and offers many ready-made tools to perform basic tasks on complex data (including image data), maths operation, data handling and representation. For Image processing and analysis, Labview offers the integrated "NI Vision" tool, used in image-based quality control of production lines with a broad selection of Image-based filters/operations. In microscopy, Labview can be used efficiently to perform any kind of instrument control, and in particular "Feedback Microscopy" (also called intelligent microscopy, etc...) where the live analysis of a captured image will update the target of the microscope to make it understand where to image efficiently.

Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Target Audience(s): 
Engineer, Analyst, Developer
Instrument Control environment with Image Analysis
Interoperates with: 
interoperates with Matlab
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