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HeLa Cells in Phase Contrast and Nucleus Marker with manually labelled outlines

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Brief description: 

Two-channel images (brightfield and fluorescent DNA stain) of HeLa cells in culture.

Cell and nucleus outlines are manually labelled. Very suitable for cell segmentation benchmark tests.

Published here: Van Valen, David A., et al. "Deep Learning Automates the Quantitative Analysis of Individual Cells in Live-Cell Imaging Experiments." PLoS Comput Biol 12.11 (2016): e1005177.

Biological object: 
HeLa Cells in culture
Task / Annotation description: 
Van Valen, David A and Kudo, Takamasa and Lane, Keara M and Macklin, Derek N and Quach, Nicolas T and DeFelice, Mialy M and Maayan, Inbal and Tanouchi, Yu and Ashley, Euan A and Covert, Markus W
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Dimensions of the data: 
X:1280 Y:1280 Z:1 C:2