A tentative roadmap of Biii.

Phase 0 (done)

  • Tagging using the platform based on Google Doc
  • Decide platform.
  • Construct the site with pages of image processing / analysis functions, packages and languages.
  • Name the site (now, its "Biii")
  • Tagging on each page is done in parallel.

Phase 1 (done)

Discussion going on here at the moment google doc, anonymous access allowed

A Task list proposed by Sebastien is here

  • always in progress/ Add more tags!
  • done/ Collect feedbacks from various types of groups (e.g. cell biologists, developmental biologists, neurobiologists, bioimage analysts, image processing specialists). Especially those from biologists are required.
  • done /Implement more direct tagging interface.
  • done/ Implement module to add backlinks.
  • done/ Prepare two types of interfaces: for none-experts and for experts.
    • For none-experts, workflow is better be presented as search results but for experts, functions would be convenient to have them as search results. Workflows are easier to use directly on bio-images but less flexible. Functions are flexible but difficult to use as it requires programming knowledge.

Phase 2 (done)

  • Second round of Taggathon. More analysts to be invited.
  • Reflect discussion results and proposed improvement during phase 1.
  • Modules for avoiding spam bots are installed.
  • back link modules added.
  • biblio modules added for more efficient citation.

Issues leftover

  • always in progress/ Add more tags!
  • in progress/ Ask biologists with image processing / analysis knowledge to tag.
  • in progress / Analyze synonyms to improve search results.
  • in progress/ Discuss if tags should be categorized.

More ToDo

  • ontology.
  • improve advanced search, more interactive
  • Change skin!

Phase 3

  • Grand Opening.
  • Taggathon will be periodically organized to improve biology - image analysis bridging (searching).