Sample Data

Name Description Dimensions of the data Size (MB) Scale Thumbnail
Neural crest cells in mouse gut

Confocal microscopy stack image of the mouse midgut. Acquisition with ENCC enteric neural crest cells (YFP, green) and TUJ1 (red) images, with ablation of beta1 -integrin.

X:1024 Y:1024 C:2 Z:16 67 Many cells
TetraSpeck bead drift example

TetraSpeck bead drift example 30ms frame analyzed by RapidSTORM.

N.molecules:10001 N.columns:7 1 Single molecule
Tubulins - High Density

Real dataset
Long sequence settings, 15000 frames
Courtesy of Nicolas Olivier, Debora Keller and Suliana Manley

X:63 Y:64 T:15000 71 Single molecule
Tubulin Conj-AL647

Experimental sequence of 27'529 frames (128x128 pixels) with the parameters of acquisition.
The dataset consists in 27'529 frames of 128x128 pixels stored as stack TIFF in 16 bits.
Be aware that it is about 1Gb of data.

X:128 Y:128 T:27529 914 Single molecule

The synthetic sample has been created artificially using a 3D artificial structure shape. This shape represents a seashell of six branches with various fluorophore densities. The position of the fluorophores of exactly known. Some image sequences have additional noise.

Various 312 Single molecule

In this dataset, the fluorophores are placed on a regular grid with various depth, various lateral spacing, and various number of photons

X:450 Y:450 T:10 1 Single molecule
FtsZ-Dendra2 C. crescentus live

FtsZ-Dendra2 C crescentus live 3D 10 ms frame

N.molecules:20991 N.columns:7 1 Single molecule
Drosophila embryo epithelium

Drosophila embryo epithelium expressing mCherry-cadherin, a cell junction label.

X: 399 Y: 393 0 Tissue

From the collection of reference datasets.

This sample consists to a realistic structure of 7 tubulins (diameter 25 nm) and 1 tubulin (diameter 40 nm). 100000 fluorophores are activated over 2400 frames. Tubulins I has a low level of read-out noise autofluorescence background, and Tubulins II has the same structure with higher level of noise.

X:256 Y:256 T:10000 182 Single molecule