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Balanced SOFI

Super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging (SOFI) achieves 3D super-resolution by computing temporal cumulants or spatio-temporal cross-cumulants of stochastically blinking fluorophores [1,2]. In contrast to localization microscopy, SOFI is compatible with weakly emitting fluorophores and a wider range of blinking conditions [3]. Balanced SOFI analyses several cumulant orders for extracting molecular parameter maps, such as the bright and dark state lifetimes, the concentration and the brightness distributions of fluorophores within biological samples [a].

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μManager is a software package for control of automated microscopes.

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PALMsiever is a MATLAB-based application that allows the filtering (sieving) and analysis of localization-microscopy data. It provides the ability to render the data using different visualization algorithms and perform simple measurements on the point-localization data. It is extensible using simple MATLAB scripts and a number of plugins is already provided with the software itself, including a clustering algorithm and 3D rendering [1].

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Micormanager for Icy

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Microscope Live 3D

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