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PopulationProfiler – is light-weight cross-platform open-source tool for data analysis in image-based screening experiments. The main idea is to reduce per-cell measurements to per-well distributions, each represented by a histogram. These can be optionally further reduced to sub-type counts based on gating (setting bin ranges) of known control distributions and local adjustments to histogram shape. Such analysis is necessary in a wide variety of applications, e.g.

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Intelligent Imaging

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Columbus Image Data Storage and Analysis System

Columbus is a combination of an image database (based on Omero, OME) and an image analysis engine based on Acapella (PerkinElmer). It is dedicated to cell culture based high content screening data and is used via a web interface.
It provides a set importers for automated microscopes such as Yokogawa CellVoyager, PerkinElmer Operetta, PerkinElmer Opera and data in Metamorph format.

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CellProfiler is designed to enable biologists without training in computer vision or programming to quantitatively measure cell or whole-organism phenotypes from thousands of images automatically. The researcher creates an analysis pipeline from modules that find cells and cell compartments, measure features of those cells to form a rich, quantitative dataset that characterizes the imaged site in all of its heterogeneity.

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OMERO.insight client

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OMERO.web client

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