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Endrov started development in 2007 by Johan Henriksson in the group of Thomas Bürglin group / Karolinska insitutet. At that time it was merely a tool to support the analysis of C. elegans embryogenesis. It was decided to not base it on ImageJ because little of it could be reused, many of the problems came from the core design. Since then the scope of Endrov has expanded to be useful for all image processing and be able to replace ImageJ.

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Reproducing an experiment doesn’t stop at the bench when images are concerned. Icy is an open source bioimaging software package that aims to provide a framework for authors to share, and others to reproduce, research once the sample hits the microscope. Icy was released in April 2011 and is being developed at the Quantitative Image Analysis Unit at the Pasteur Institute in France by Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin and his team.

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OMERO.insight client

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Import ROI from ImageJ


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